About PacWest Logistics

Our Company

As a supplier and distributor of animal feed and animal nutrition components, PacWest partners with the world's leading manufacturers to bring our customers a range of commodity and specialty products for the animal feed and nutrition industries. PacWest offers a host of nutritional and functional ingredients for livestock and companion animal applications, including beef, dairy, swine, equine, dog, cat, and bird needs. Natural and artificial flavoring compounds are available, and products are available in dry, water miscible and oil miscible forms, and in multiple package options.

Environment & Sustainability

We carefully inspect all of the farms we partner up with to ensure the well-being of the land flock as that is what sustainable farming is all about: making choices to produce wholesome, healthy products that people can enjoy without sacrificing the welfare of animals or the health of the environment. Most modern farming practices focus only on reducing the costs of production and ignore the costs to the livestock, soil, air, water, and human health associated with these practices.

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