Products & Services

PacWest has all of the products and services available to ensure optimum reliability to our AG wholesale partners.

We offer a bevy of different soil amendment products, as well as proven organic soil fertilizer, to help you culture your soil for optimal yield results. To learn more about the many types of soil amendments and organic fertilizer we’re pleased to offer, contact us today.


Customers can depend on PacWest Logistics as their livestock feed distributors. In association with our freight brokers we control distribution from the time the product is sourced until the order is completed we can promise reliable, on-time deliveries. Our infrastructure stretches across the U.S. and Canada while working with multiple wholesalers to make it possible to arrange shipping from the East coast to the West coast, across the United States.



The items stored in our temperature controlled warehouses at PacWest Facilities are kept in a sanitary, safe and secure environment. Customers can rest easy knowing their products are in AIB Superior rated warehouses. Plus, PacWest has an in-house IT team, which creates maximum visibility between PacWest and their customers.


PacWest Logistics distributes aMicro-emulsion (ME) formulation for better coverage and faster movement into treated plants, for faster and more complete disease protection to maximize yield. Contact us for various options

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